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"In my food world, there is no fear or guilt, only joy & balance."
-Ellie Krieger-

Meet Alicia



B.S. Biology & Society

Foci: Nutrition & Health, Science & Technology Studies, and Education

Cornell University

Masters of Education

Higher Education

with research in 

Health Education 


Arizona State University

PhD Student

Population Health

Cancer Emphasis

University of Kansas

School of Medicine


Mount Sinai Hospital 

EHHOP Clinic

Icahn School of Medicine

Cooking & imagining new and creative meals that are healthy, hearty, and tasty!

Improving access & knowledge about maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Breast Cancer Research 

University of Kansas

School of Medicine

Chronic Disease Research

NIH funded labs

Arizona State University

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Hi! I'm Alicia & I'm The Posh Veg

 Just a small town girl, with a heart for the big city.  Although there are few things I love nearly as much as my family, friends, food, and having a fun time, learning just so happens to be one of them.  With seven years of experience researching chronic disease, working in hospitals, clinics, and NIH funded labs, teaching, and learning about nutrition & health, not surprisingly, I've found myself here, expanding a business that meshes all the things I love. 


I hope ​that you find my services, information on this site, my Facebook (page & groups), and Instagram helpful in kickstarting (or continuing) a life full of laughter, health, and learning.  After all, it is for the love of food.

My Vision

Eating for wellness is simple, not complicated.  I want to use my scientific knowledge and research experience to help you learn exactly what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and thrive on your lifelong wellness journey.  You don't have to feel alone or lost in the wave of fitspo and fad diets.  I'll help you along the way & it'll be plenty more fun than you think. 

Areas of Focus 


Mental health & physical health go hand in hand.  That's why I take the wellness approach to life.  How you feel impacts how you look.   


Healthy eating changes or weight loss is not a one time thing. It's a lifestyle. I'm here to help make the the journey enjoyable.

Plant Based

My content & programs aren't just for vegetarians! I cook meat for my family almost everyday! But, if you'd like to eat more veg meals, I'll help with that too!


Yes, The Posh Veg is all about happiness.  Learning how to have it, keep it, and share it with others.  Smiling more can lead to a longer life!

Work with me directly 


What is Coaching?

Imagine always having a cheerleader, confidant, and expert all wrapped into one by your side everyday to help you live your happiest and healthiest life! Where you can get real results because you know you have someone by your side to help you reach the finish line (even when you make mistakes and don't have the motivation!) That's what it's like having me as your healthy eating & lifestyle coach and I can help you too. 

How do I know if I need coaching?

You probably need a healthy eating & lifestyle coach if you've been struggling to solve the SAME problems related to your health and wellness for more than a month. Seeing results shouldn't be stressful & complicated, but simple & easy. It's okay to need help.  I'm here to help you reach your goals and transform life so that you can feel and be your best. Want to know what it could feel like to be the best version of yourself? Schedule a free roadmap call with me today. 

I'm still unsure. How do I REALLY know?

Our brains are powerful, but they also plant doubt and discouragement in our minds. This can catapult us into weeks, months, and years of feeling stuck and just unhappy with where we are in life.  You shouldn't wince at yourself every time you look in the mirror, or avoid taking photos with friends and family, or feel like you're confused with what to eat, what to do, or just how to thrive.  You shouldn't be watching others win on the sidelines and wish it would happen for you. It can & should.  You deserve to live your best life. Let's envision what that can look like together.  Take a small step today, you can do it.