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Outsourcing wellness programs, duties, and services is one of the most logically and fiscally sound decisions a business like yours can make.  Whether you already have a health coordinator or are looking for an external alternative, our team can accommodate your needs. Our job is to help your team stay physically fit and emotionally well, addressing and preventing chronic disease along the way.  This allows you to be a leading company in your industry and in your team members eyes, which obviously is a win-win.

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The benefit of a wellness program


We offer a variety of programs and services for companies, whether your business has 20 or 200 employees.  Our packages are designed with both you AND your employees in mind.  We offer the best value, including high touch services, at a price point that won't drive your accounting team up a wall; after all, you still need to offer the best .   


Access to a suite of chronic disease prevention programs and programs centered around nutrition, and physical & mental wellness.  Employees have access to our team of personal trainers, registered dieticians, health coaches, and more. 

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